Why Certiq, Thomaz?

Interview with Thomaz Ahlborg,
product manager telematics, Epiroc Rock Drills AB

Why is obtaining Certiq a good idea?

“Certiq provides data directly from the machine, rather than taking a detour via the machine operator. This gives you precise figures regarding when the machine is switched on and off and which parts are used, with a minimal margin of error. Quite simply, it means you get more out of your machine.”

What are the benefits of using a telematics system?

“We know that all customers measure productivity and keep track of their running hours today; what we want to do with Certiq is to make this easier. Technology of this kind gives you this possibility without having to be on site. You receive relevant data directly from your equipment fleet when you need it. Sitting around waiting for information from the machine operator or the next maintenance visit is a thing of the past. With detailed knowledge and a direct overview of all of your operations, you can clearly identify production bottlenecks, maximize the running time of the equipment and reduce unforeseen production stoppages in a way that simply wasn’t possible previously.”

Why have you developed Certiq?

“Our customers have sought a simpler, more efficient and detailed way of monitoring their equipment. With Certiq, they gain access to data for planning and monitoring their operations so that they can get the most out of their Epiroc equipment. This also enables us to support customers much better than before because we can now see directly how well their equipment is performing. This information is highly valuable and makes it easier to improve future products.”

How is everyday working life affected by having this kind of operational control?

“It will be much easier! It won’t be necessary to chase information, and decisions can be made faster about what should be done, whether it involves a machine requiring maintenance, another needing to be moved or an operator who might need training. Information is easily accessible via the web portal, through Excel reports or alerts on your mobile.”

Tell us about Certiq’s principal advantages:

“Getting true operational data right at your fingertips to do your daily, weekly or monthly follow up is the core function of Certiq. Being able to plan maintenance means that equipment can be utilized optimally. Unplanned stoppages are costly but can often be avoided by maintaining control with Certiq. Certiq opens the door to a new kind of precise troubleshooting that makes it possible to identify production bottlenecks very easily. And what are the results? Increased production and greater profitability.”

“There are clear advantages in being able to identify which operators might need extra training and in being able to offer a system for rewarding those who produce most but with the fewest equipment faults. We refer to this as assessment, encouragement and improvement."

Some of the history surrounding Certiq

“At Epiroc we were pioneers in the industry with our telematics systems; the first one was launched for our rigs back in 2003 to support our service contracts with customers. This system has now grown outdated and needed to be updated to meet current customer needs.”

Tell us about your background at Epiroc:

“I have worked as product manager for telematics at Epiroc since 2012, but I also have experience of similar systems at both Volvo and ABB.”