One step ahead.
Of everything.

Unplanned downtime is often caused by neglected maintenance. When an alarm goes off and something needs to be fixed, the cost of lost production time can be a real burden for your business. Everything stops until the problem is fixed. Certiq from Epiroc tells you what needs to be done – before it’s too late.

Current alarms and operational statistics are easy to read and compare. When it’s time for service you’ll be the first to know. Warnings are listed and time-stamped. So you’re always one step ahead.

No more guessing around.

Main benefits

When you can plan ahead for maintenance, you avoid unnecessary downtime and lower the cost of a production stop. A well-maintained machine is safer and contributes to a more productive work environment. 

What's in it for you?

  • Optimized maintenance cycles
  • Optimized equipment
  • Troubleshoot from a distance